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Professor Rassweiler at the steering unit of the da Vinci system
Professor Rassweiler at the steering unit of the da Vinci system

Radical Prostatectomy da Vinci ® Surgical Technique

Computer technology in medicine opens up new dimensions of precision of complex reconstructive surgery

DaVinci ® now represents the latest development in the field of minimally invasive surgery. Since October 2009, the surgical DaVinci ® robot has been employed with great success at the Urology Clinic Heilbronn and has been supporting the 20 years of experience amassed by Professor Rassweiler in the field of laparoscopy. The device has been particularly effective in optimizing the outcomes of radical prostatectomies. The DaVinci ® surgical technique is a standard therapy here. Furthermore, the DaVinci ® robot is also used to treat malignant bladder and kidney tumors, bladder prolapse in women, and renal pelvic stenosis.

Using the DaVinci ® system, the Urology Clinic at Heilbronn has a dedicated advancement of the laparoscopic technique at its disposal which offers both high resolution and three-dimensionality.

The worldwide use of DaVinci ®

In the US, more than 70% of all prostate cancer operations are carried out using the DaVinci ® robot. The benefits for patients are the rapid and painless postoperative recovery including early continence due to the Heilbronn Concept as well as the dedicated protection of erectile potency through the sparing of the erectile nerves.

Over 300 DaVinci ® systems are now in use worldwide, with the method having been used in tens of thousands of operations. The 'DaVinci ® radical prostatectomy' is the fastest-growing treatment for localized prostate cancer in the USA.

The technique of DaVinci ® surgery

The DaVinci ® Surgical technique is based on a precise transmission of the doctor’s hand and finger movements to the surgical instruments, and provides the operator direct control over the movements of the instrument. In addition, it also provides a three-dimensional visualization as well as a maximum magnification of the area being operated on.

The doctors at the Urology Clinic Heilbronn are therefore able to precisely orientate the instruments and reliably identify even the smallest of structures. Healthy tissue remains intact, and surgery can be carried out with minimal blood loss.

Steering of the robot by Professor Rassweiler Assistance by Dr. Schulze and Dr. Gözen Robot-assisted surgery Decided advantage of improved ergonomic posture Steering of the robot by Professor Rassweiler Robot-assisted surgery

Results (Heilbronn Technique of radical prostatectomy da Vinci)

Using our technique of radical prostatectomy our patients can expect the following results:

- minimal risk of blood transfusion (1-3%)
- catheter time of 6 days
- Early continence rate (3 months) of over 90%
- 75% preservation of potency in patients less than 55 years
- Clinical progression free status of 87 – 97% depending on tumor stage
- 10 year survival rate between 91 and 99%

Thus, the procedure of a da Vinci radical prostatectomy has lost a lot of its harm for our patients.