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Laser Therapy at the Urology Heilbronn

Department of Urology SLK Kliniken Heilbronn - New Laser Therapies

Highly efficient methods ensure a quick recovery!

At the Urology Clinic in Heilbronn only the most state-of-the-art laser procedures are used. The sophisticated technology of the Auriga XL holmium laser allows an almost bloodless surgical procedure through a direct obliteration of the vessels, therefore making the urological surgery particularly efficient and mild on the body. A successful therapy can be felt immediately after surgery, and overall this also correlates with shorter catheter times and hospital stays.


The use of the Auriga XL holmium laser allows a highly efficient laser treatment of stones, strictures and tumors, and is ideal for lithotripsy.

The Urology Clinic at Heilbronn treats the following disorders with this new laser system:

- Fragmentation of kidney stones and urinary calculus
- Cystolithotripsy of large bladder stones
- Ablation of intrarenal neoplasia
- Treatment of ureteral and urethral strictures

Enucleation of the prostate (TULP)

In recent years, a number of traditional surgical procedures have been replaced by various laser systems, including transurethral resection and open removal of a prostatic adenoma or a benign swelling.

Amongst urologists, holmium laser therapy is the minimally invasive alternative to standard TURP resection for treating patients with benign prostate enlargement. Transurethral laser enucleation of the prostate (TULP) is both a gentle and a bloodless procedure.

How the
Auriga XL Holmium-Laser works

Just as occurs with electrical resection, the laser fiber is guided through the urethra to the prostate. The wavelength of the emitted laser light is a visible green, much like a green light laser. At this wavelength, light and energy are efficiently absorbed by the blood vessels. Since the enlarged prostate tissue is highly enriched with blood vessels, a 'selective' vaporization of this tissue occurs. The uppermost cell layers are heated and explode. In this way the prostate is reduced layer by layer. The action of the laser resembles that of a high-precision light scalpel and completely cuts the enlarged portions of the prostate out.

The Department of Urology SLK Kliniken Heilbronn is now using the Heilbronn Auriga XL Holmium-Laser for the endoscopic treatment of enlarged prostates. The action of the laser resembles that of a high-precision light scalpel and completely cuts the enlarged portions of the prostate out.

The excess tissue with benign prostate enlargement can therefore be removed in a controlled manner. A comprehensive histological examination of the extracted tissue is possible and any previously undetected prostate cancer can also be reliably diagnosed.

of the Auriga XL Holmium-Laser

Auriga XL Holmium-Laser therapy is particularly suitable for patients who take blood-thinning drugs for other disorders (aspirin, plavix, warfarin, etc. ), since when the procedure is carried out patients need to discontinue these medications. The procedure can be performed without any blood loss and there is no risk of a so-called TUR syndrome.

Catheter times after surgery are significantly shorter than is the case for conventional electric resection of the prostate (TURP), meaning that the length of the hospital stay is also reduced.

The method is very gentle, so that even patients with severe co-morbidities can be treated. Long-term results up until now have been comparable to those achieved with TURP.

The main benefits at a glance:
- A controlled cutting and vaporization of the excess tissue
- Protection of healthy tissue
- The immediate relief of symptoms and a prolonged therapeutic success
- A catheter is required only for a short time or even not at all
- Preservation of continence and potency after the operation
- A short stay in the hospital