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Urologe Professor Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Jens J. Rassweiler
Professor Dr. med. Dr. h. c.
Jens J. Rassweiler
Dear patients,

we appreciate your interest in the Department of Urology SLK Kliniken Heilbronn, and with this website we want to provide the opportunity to inform yourself thoroughly about urological diseases and and their treatment.

Standardized diagnostics and technology of the new generation:
Patients are treated by urologists according the most modern clinical methods

Patients can expect a team of specialists at Heilbronn who are dedicated to making technical progress in medicine and introducing new forms of therapy as standard for everyday clinical routine. As part of a dedicated research effort at the Urology Clinic Heilbronn, the results of ongoing scientific projects and collaborations with industry, universities and other hospitals are transfered directly into our day-to-day work.

The Department of Urology SLK Kiniken Heilbronn is a patient-oriented hospital providing maximum care, offering the entire range of urological diagnostics and therapeutics at the highest medical standards. It represents a teaching hospital for the University of Heidelberg, and is a world leader in the field of laparoscopy and endourology.

Heilbronn was one of the first places where this minimally invasive surgical technique was established and further developed. Today, Prof. Rassweiler instructs colleagues from all around the world about minimally invasive therapies applied in the field of urology.

Great care is placed by all of our doctors and urologists in providing transparent information and counseling to their patients. We also have native speakers of other languages (Turkish, Russian, English, Spanish, French) to cater for our international customers.

Core competencies in Urology Heilbronn:
The treatment of diseases of the prostate, bladder and kidney

Our team of urologists has worked successfully using the technique of robot laparoscopy (DaVinci ®) and miniaturized instruments (LESS, SMART) to treat diseases of the prostate, bladder and kidney. All urologists at Heilbronn are highly experienced in the treatment of all types of urological cancer.

Other highlights provided at our Department include holmium-laser lithotripsy of urinary calculus, laser ablation and enucleation of the prostate, and brachytherapy (iodine-seeds) for the treatment of prostate cancer.

The pediatric section of the Urology Clinic at Heilbronn is also well known internationally. Small patients are especially welcome and are in good hands, particularly when it comes to testicular disorders (undescended testicles), abnormalities of the bladder, ureter or external genitalia (hypospadias), forms of enuresis and ureterorenal reflux.

The treatment of bladder prolapse, one of the most common diseases in women, is also managed for at the clinic with its differentiated and comprehensive diagnostics and its carefully targeted minimally invasive treatments. The urologist discusses his findings in detail with his patient and together they decide on the best therapy.

The most competent location for both the patient and the urologist:
The Department of Urology SLK Kliniken Heilbronn is certified as a prostate cancer centre by the German Cancer Society and as an incontinence centre by the German Continence Society.

Both institutions offer patients and their urologists interdisciplinary knowledge and the ability to exchange information. As such patients with prostate cancer or bladder incontinence are offered an individually tailored diagnosis and treatment according to international guidelines. The patient at Heilbronn therefore has a network of specialists and experts from various clinical disciplines at his or her disposal.

Synergy and symbiosis in urology:
Success isn’t just a coincidence!

Further information about our medical services, the medical team and subject-specific questions about urology can be found on the following pages.

We look forward to seeing you!