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Department of Urology SLK Kliniken Heilbronn - Facilities of the SLK Hospital

Information about the wide range of the hospital

The SLK Klinikum encompasses a lot of service and facilities for the advantage of the patients:

Cafe und Kiosk
Are located in the main lobby of the hospital

Phone and Internet
You can receive a telephone to your bed. Public telephones can be found in the entrance next to the information. You'll also find an accessible Internet access for patients. The settlement of charges for telephone and Internet access is via a rechargeable phone card and television. These are available on request in the reception.

Pastoral care and divine service
The hospital's pastoral care can be reached by phone: + 49 (0) 7131 - 49 4100

Protestant Care

- Reverend Roland Opitz
- Reverend Michael Kazmaier

Catholic Care

- Reverend Hans-G. Schmolke
- Pastoral Assistent Adriano Paoli

Divine Service
You may verify divine service hours on the information board at the clinic chapel. Catholic and Protestant devine will be held alternate every Sunday and Wednesday. The current times, please see the notice at the chapel. These can be found in the entrance of the hospital. For patients who can not leave her bed, the service is transmitted on radio channel 58th.

Green Ladies
We want to make your stay as pleasant as possible. For information, talks, visits, manuals, walks and much more,our 'green ladies' happy to help. You can reach them via the reception (07131-49 4100). The 'green ladies visit' to the stations and also to offer its mobile library with reading material that you can borrow for your stay in hospital.

If you want a talk or you have any problems, please contact the 'Patientenfürsprecherinnen':
Erika Isenmann, Rita Eberz, Martha Scheytt, Andrea Prager, Barbara Obert-Lörcher und Margot Köhl. the ladies will be happy to help you. You can meet them on the ward G 41 or by telephone + 49 (0) 7131 - 49 4333.

If the ladies should not find directly in person, they are surely just for patients on the road. Please take the opportunity to leave a message. An answering machine is connected 24 hours and is checked daily. You also have the option of a written message in the mailbox to deposit at the office.

Clinical Social Services
The Social Services to advise on matters

- Personal nature
- Social issues
- Insurance law issues

The Social Services offers assistance with

- Administrative Affairs,
- Applying for disability statements,
- The resolution of other disease-related problems
- The placement of outpatient home care after a hospital stay

The Social Services provides information on issues

- The after-care follow-up treatment, healing cures, job security
- Claims arising from the long-term care

Please make an appointment by phone.