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Department of Urology SLK Kliniken Heilbronn - Advanced Medical Care

The Urology Heilbronn supports the activities of research that get real benefits to the patient

Clinical studies are aimed at further development of established standard therapies, with the aim to develop new methods and improve the outcome of existing treatment options for patients long-term.

In this way the Department of Urology develop in recent years, new surgical techniques for cancer therapy, anatomical defects (hypospadias) and disorders (incontinence).

The field of research focused mainly on the types of therapy of the prostate, bladder and kidney.

The Urology Heilbronn is participating in international clinical trials. We are in cooperation with the Organization CROES (Clinical Research Office of Endourological Society).

The Urology Heilbronn is currently working on the following topics:

PCNL Study

Therapy options for treatment of kidney stones compared

This study compares the therapeutic success in the treatment of kidney stones based on the latest endoscopic possibilities (ESWL and PCNL).

URS Study

Therapy options for treatment of urinary stones

The development of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) for the destruction of urinary stones is regarded as one of the great pioneering work in medicine. With the destruction of kidney stones in small and medium-size, this technique has now become as the standard therapy.

The method of flexible and semi-rigid Ureteroscopy (URS) for treatment of urinary stones and smaller kidney stones gains in importance.

This study compares the treatment results between the flexible endoscopic possibilities and the effectiveness of ESWL.

Renal Mass Study

Treatments for kidney cancer

The large-scale study on the indication, treatment and analysis of kidney diseases examined the effectiveness of laparoscopic and robotic methods and ablations.


Protocoll No. CZL 446 GDE 08/ AUO 38/03

This study focuses on treatment alternatives in the form of drug treatment of advanced prostate cancer.
Recruitment completed.

TUR unipolar/bipolar at BPH

This study examined the effectiveness of established methods (bipolar / unipolar) and the implication of flows to the prostate and surrounding tissue.
Recruitment completed.